PB Girls Dine
 chose to celebrate a special birthday evening at Buccan in Palm Beach. We think Buccan may well be a “state of being!” Enter this cozy yet bustling environment with five-star service and observe the chefs busily at work in the open kitchen.

The menu with typewriter font hints at the home-grown feeling and farm-to-table cuisine that awaits you. Buccan notes how it proudly supports local farmers and sustainability efforts. (Yay! That gets our support!)

Sip a specialty cocktail. Enjoy a cold beer. Great Pinot Grigio, too. The Short Rib Empañadas were divine. Sample the Ipswich Clam Pizza for an experience second to none.

Buccan is a popular Palm Beach restaurant with the best of cuisine and a must on your “To Do” List!

 350 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL
TELEPHONE: 561-833-3450
WEBSITE: http://buccanpalmbeach.com